Tap Dungeon is a game where you defeat monsters and bosses all through the power of your thumbs left clicks!

The gameplay is simple, tap left click enemies to defeat them! For each enemy you defeat you earn gold which can be used to upgrade your attack, health, or block power. There are twenty floors for you to fight your way through, do you have what it takes?

When you're done playing you can even upload your high score to the online leaderboard and see where you rank among the rest of the players.

Current WebGL version issues:

  • Sound is way too loud on main menu, currently the is no way to disable the sound outside of lowering your volume.
  • The final hit sound when killing an enemy likes to play out of your right headphone/speaker. Removed final hit sound until I find a work around.
  • Overall sound quality has tanked. Certain sound effects sound terrible.

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